Shipa Tandoori Restaurant, Chatham

English Dishes

All the following dishes are served with Pilau Rice


Chicken Tlkka Massala - Creamy, succulent and utterly gorgeous! Shipa‘s Tikka Massala is the best in Medway £8.25

Lamb Tikka Massala £8.50

Tandoori Chicken Massala - Strips of tender tandoori chicken is used in this dish £8.50

Tandoori King Prawn Massala £11.95

Pasanda - Chicken or Lamb - The Chef uses the finest of red wines to cook this beautiful creamy curry £11.50

Shahi Chicken - Spicy yet creamy curry cooked with tandoori chicken strips and garnished with an omelette £9.25

Tan-Butter Chicken - Mild curry cooked with nuts £8.95


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