Shipa Tandoori Restaurant, Chatham


Special King Prawn Sizzling Andy - Jumbo marinated king prawns
cooked fried with onions. Dry spicy and gorgeous! Served on a sizzling dish and with a side salad £11.45

Chicken Tikka Zaifrizi Kori - Choose from medium or hot this curry is
cooked with plentyof onions, peppers and chillis served in a traditional ‘Kori’ dish. This dish is served with pilau rice £9.25

Koufta Curry - Lamb or Chicken - Medium or hot meat ball curry with
plenty of beautiful thick sauce £6.25

Sheek Kebab Curry - Need I say more? Your favorite sheek kebab cooked in a medium or hot spicy sauce £6.25

Bangladesh Special Chicken Biriyani - Fragrant rice cooked with chicken
garnished with a tasty omlette and a fried banana. Served with a vegetable curry £10.95

Chicken Rejala - Mild yet incredibly flavoursome curry made with the Chef's special spices. Served with special rice £9.25

Chicken Mokoni - Shipa's special take on the traditional khurma. Creamy
with lots of coconut, sugar and almonds and packed full of flavour. Served with special rice £8.95

Chicken Sali - One of the house specialities. Strips of tandoori chicken cooked with garlic and chef's special spice mix and garnished with caramelised potatoes. Served with special rice £9.25

Chicken Tikka Garlic Masala - Spicy hot curry cooked with chicken tikka and topped with fresh coriander. Served with special rice £9.25

Chicken Tikka Chllli Masala - Spicy hot curry cooked with marinated chicken, peppers and topped with fresh coriander. Served with special rice £9.25

Murg-e-Massalem Chicken - Medium curry cooked with fresh mince, strips of tandoori chicken and eggs. Served with pilau rice £9.25

Thali Dish - This traditional lndian dish consists of 5 separate curries: Chicken or Lamb Tikka or Vegetable Curry; Bombay/Aloo; Mushroom Bhaje; Tarka Dhall or Chicken or lamb Bhuna. Served with Nan £9.95

Ala Chicken - Cooked in medium spices with chicken, lamb, prawns and fresh mushrooms Served with pilau rice £9.25

Mix Charli - madras or vindaloo curry cooked with the Chef's tandoori chicken strips and lamb tikka in a gorgeous tikka sauce garnished with caramelised crispy potatoes. Served with special rice £9.25

Chicken Tlkka Badami - Shipa's special chicken tikka topped with cashew nuts Special sizling dish! Served with a fresh salad £9.25

Chicken Darjeeling - Strips of tandoori chicken cooked in chefs spices garnished with peppers and fried onion rings Served with special rice £7.25

Master Chicken or Lamb - Chicken ortamb strip of tikka cooked with soya sauce, worcestersauce and the chefs unique blend of spices. Served with special rice £7.95

Takur Korai Special - Spicy curry cooked with long strips of tandoori chicken, green peppers, green chillis and coriander Served with special rice £8.95

Shipa's Special Curry - Chefs unique blend of spices cooked with chicken, prawns and vegetables Served with special rice. £8.95

Bangla Fish Curry - Traditional spicy Bangladeshi fish curry with potatoes. Served with a pilau rice £8.95

Shipa's Special Balti - The Shipa take on the traditional Balti - cooked with fresh spinach. Served with pilau rice £8.95

Meta Khata - Choose either lamb or chicken and the Chef will add his blend of sweet and sour spices. Served with special rice £8.95

Shipa Special Mixed Biryani - Mixed meat biryani. Served with vegetable Curry, £9.25

Chicken Tikka Bahar - Spiced chicken barbecued in the Tandoor then cooked with resh mushrooms, onions and green chillis. Fairly hot, served with pilau rice. £8.95

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