Shipa Tandoori Restaurant, Chatham

Shipa Tandoori Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Dishes

The below dishes are made from the finest of meats and are served on our Sizzling Dish. A treat for all meat loversl All the sizzling dishes are served with a side salad.

Chicken Tikka - Juicy tender pieces of chicken marinated in a beautiful spice mix then cooked perfectly in the Tandoor oven £5.95

Lamb Tikka £6.15

Tandoori Chicken - 1/2 £6.15

Tandoori Chicken - Full £11.95

Saslic Chicken - Spicy chicken tikka, chunky onions, tomatoes and peppers £8.15

Tandoori King Prawns £11.95

Tandoori Mixed Grill - For all those meat lovers! Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Sheek Kebab and Tandoori King Prawns. Served with a nan. £11.50

Dhaka Sizzling - Tandoori Meat Delight. Mixed Chicken and Lamb Tikka £8.25

Sheek Kebab - Large skewered minced lamb kebabs made with only the finest meat and garnished with onions and coriander £6.95

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