Shipa Tandoori Restaurant, Chatham

Shipa Tandoori Vegetarian Menu


Vegetable Samosa £3.25
Onion Bhaji £2.50
Aloo Puri £3.25
Chana Puri Chickpeas £3.25
Soups - Dall or Mulligatawny £2.95

Main Course

Vegetable Biriyani Rice dish served with vegetable curry £6.50
Special Vegetable Bangladeshi Biriyani Garnished with almonds, sultanas, fried banana and served with vegetable curry, medium£8.25
Persian Vegetable Biriyani Garnished with pineapple and served with vegetable curry£9.25
Mushroom Biriyani Garnished with fresh mushrooms, served with vegetable curry, medium £6.75
Vegetable Thali 5 different dishes with nan bread £9.95
Vegetable Khurma Sweet, creamy, mild sauce £4.75
Vegetable Dansack Sweet, sour and hot,in thick lentil sauce with rice £6.75
Vegetable Pathia Sour and hot, served with rice £7.25
Special Vegetable Balti Cooked with fresh curry leaves, coriander, herbs and spices, served with rice or nan bread £8.50
Mixed Vegetable Special Fresh bhindi, cauliflower, potatoes and spinach, cooked with garlic & spices, served with rice. Dry, medium or hot £7.50
Sizzling Mixed Veg £8.50

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